Hello to each and every one of you, and welcome to my beginning of this blogging experience! Over the last year, my professional life and engagement in the learning process of all learners has really shifted. I have mindfully and actively become a learner again, and am passionately working towards changing school for all learners.

So why am I blogging?

District Kick-Off 2019

At this school year’s kick off rally, I was able to hear George Couros speak to our Elementary Teachers (in addition to losing my mind in excitement and screaming his name while chasing him down!), and we were all left truly inspired to do better for all students. I have joined the book study group admin’d by George and Co-author Katie Novak on Facebook and they have challenged us to create some type of media to engage in the discussion, and I chose this blogging platform.

Is that all?

As I begin this journey, I will be posting my reflections from Innovate Inside the Box on this blog, but I envision this space evolving into sharing my experience in supporting all learners, my learning experience, and connecting people who inspire me, to you. My big dream would be to use this to allow students a place to post their process as well.